Online Membership Renewal Options

I am currently a member of UMA and wish to pay my dues:

q  directly to UMA via the secure web site using a Credit Card for a single year's membership
You will be taken to your Profile page where you can verify your information and click the RENEW NOW button.

q using the PayPal payment system to use a credit card or PayPal for a single membership year

q using Automatic Checking/Savings Account Withdrawal or using a Credit Card and sign up for automatic annual membership renewal. You will be taken to a secure banking site for this setup. Click the "Click Here to Pay Now" button (no need to login again). You may also use this site to make a one-time dues payment using Checking/Savings Account withdrawal.


I am NOT currently a member, but wish to make an initial dues payment for membership:

q using a Credit Card or PayPal via the PayPal payment system for a single membership year