UMA & AZOVA partner to provide Telehealth System to Utah Physicians

To prepare and protect our Utah physicians and their patients and staff members from COVID-19, it is important that each of our members have access to telemedicine technology for their patients. We know some of you already have access to telemedicine technology but many of you may not have access to a system to help you remotely see your own patients.

The Utah Medical Association (UMA) has received a generous grant from AZOVA to make a telemedicine system available to Utah physicians free of setup charges and with a nominal monthly subscription fee ($50) for their services. AZOVA has created a telehealth marketplace for Utah Physicians to connect with their patients online.

The normal charge to sign up to participate in the Utah Marketplace to provide telemedicine services to your patients has been waived via the AZOVA grant. Normally, AZOVA does keep a small technology fee ($10-$18 per encounter) to support the full marketplace platform. Recognizing the need for a more simplified and low-cost system during this crisis, AZOVA has also just announced a simplified monthly subscription model ($50/mo. per provider) rather than the per-patient fee model that goes with its full service system, contact AZOVA for more information.

You can sign up, set up your own telehealth clinic, and begin seeing your patients via telehealth in about 20 minutes.

This is what the marketplace looks like. Patients can search, find you, and get an online visit.

To sign up, you will need your state license(s) information. You can enter as many states in which you are licensed to make yourself available to patients in other states as well. You will also need your NPI #, DEA # (if you have one) as well as a photo of your malpractice certificate.

When you sign up for the full system, you will be listed in the Utah Marketplace as well as the general AZOVA marketplace. You can set your own prices for eVisits and can also accept insurance if desired. Some insurers may pay for the telemedicine services and some may not, but since you set the prices for the service, that may not matter. 

Here is a link to the Utah Marketplace. This is what patients will see when searching for a provider.
You can sign up for the marketplace here. For now, choose the Telemedicine Plus+ option. the Subscription option should beup in a few days, but for now, those who sign up with the Telemedicine Plus+ option will receive an email from AZOVA about switching to the subscription option.

In addition, you will get a link for your own website for patients to access your own telemedicine clinic. You can learn about this on your AZOVA dashboard in the training center.

When you sign up for the marketplace, you will also be included in the peer-to-peer eConsult marketplace to enable providers to consult with each other. You will also receive reimbursement for participation in the peer-to-peer eConsult program. If you have any questions, please email

This marketplace is available online for patients to access through the Utah Medical Association website. AZOVA will list our state provider marketplace from their website as well. In addition, you can make the link available to your patients on your own website or Facebook page, etc.

Other features include the ability to utilize secure video messaging, telemedicine clinics, e-prescribing and more. You can even have patients who need to come in for a face-to-face visit check-in from their cars, waiting there until you are ready to see them, thus reducing potential transmission of pathogens in your waiting room.