Want to reach Utah Physicians?

There are two main advertising mediums that will reach Utah doctors better than any other: The Utah Physician magazine, and mailing lists/labels. Here are some details regarding these options as well as other advertising opportunities from UMA.

Utah Physician

Published since 1953, the Utah Physician™ (formerly called the UMA Bulletin) arrives in UMA member physician mailboxes 6 times each year, filled with the information Utah doctors need to know about Utah medical and socioeconomic issues. Opportunities for both display and classified advertising come in a variety of configurations. For additional advertising information or editorial questions, contact Mills Publishing at (801) 467-8833 or email [email protected]

Size is standard 8.5" x 11" pages. Content is generally about 32 pages. Full color ads are available.

Art/Materials Deadlines
December/January issue — Nov. 1
February/March issue — Jan. 1
April/May issue — Mar. 1
June/July issue — May 1
August/September issue — July 1
October/November issue — Sept. 1

UMA reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement submitted for publication.

Subscriptions to the Utah Physician cost $100 per year. 

Mailing Labels & Data Files

UMA may sell mailing labels and mailing data files to companies or individuals whose product or service is "directly medically related." UMA reserves the right to accept or reject requests for mailing labels or data files at its discretion. The cost for printed labels is $85 for the computer run, plus $.12 per label. Mailings labels can be targeted to certain specialties, geographic areas, or by many other criteria, and can be sorted for bulk mail discounts. Data file prices vary depending on the number of fields and records requested, but a basic mailing data file costs $85 for the computer run, plus $.08 per record. Data files can be targeted and sorted much like the mailing labels.

If you would like to request a run of mailing labels or a data file, please make your request in writing, including your selection and sorting criteria, and including a copy or a draft of the piece you intend to mail. You may send your request to Membership Assistant, 310 E. 4500 South, Suite 500 / Salt Lake City, UT 84107-4250 or you may fax to (801) 747-3501 or you may send via email to [email protected].

Mailing labels and data files are intended and authorized for one-time use only and list usage is tracked. Each UMA member also has the opportunity to "opt-out" of these data files and label runs, though the vast majority choose to remain on the lists as a means of supporting their professional society without having to increase dues.

UMA will not sell mailing lists or labels to companies who are in direct competition with the Association, or with its subsidiaries.

Exhibits/Sponsorships for UMA Annual Meeting

The UMA holds an annual House of Delegates meeting in September where as many as 200 physician leaders will assemble to chart the course and make policy for the Utah Medical Association. Normally held in either a hotel, convention center, or other large meeting hall, the meeting is a wonderful opportunity for one-on-one interaction with Utah doctors. For information regarding exhibiting at this meeting or sponsoring a meal or break, please contact our Meeting Exhibit Planner at (801) 747-3500 x251 or email [email protected].

The normal cost for such sponsorships is as follows:

House of Delegates booth fee
Platinum Sponsorship $5,000.00
Silver Sponsorship
House of Delegates Lunch