An ACO for UMA Member Physicians

UMA has established an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and invites UMA Member Physicians to participate. This ACO, known as Utah Physicians' Quality Care (UPQC), is designed for independent physicians, physician-owned practices and clinics as provided for under the Affordable Care Act. The formation of this ACO will allow us to look at negotiating as an entity on behalf of all the independent physicians with third party payers for contracts in the future.

UPQC is physician led, physician driven, and rewards physicians for managing care without penalizing them and without taking money from them up front.

The establishment of UPQC allows us to enroll physicians in the Medicare ACO, thus increasing primary care physician payments for care to traditional Medicare patients as well as enhancing payments for services performed that meet risk reduction requirements established by CMS for patients. A software program (CareScreen) helps physicians manage their patients and decrease risk of higher cost care (such as hospitalizations) in the future. This tool can be integrated into a physician practice EMR or accessed directly through the web. The prompts from the tool on the Medicare patients will increase primary care physician payments drastically.

If you are interested in additional information or have questions, please contact the UPQC office at (385) 237-4121.


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Last Reviewed June 9, 2023